The day Snapchat Ghosted POTUS

Today snapchat removed POTUS from their discovery page.

A step in the right direction towards setting the right leadership standards and tech companies taking responsibility for the amount of power they have in matters, especially in politics.

Every company establishes a set of values that they vow to support. This is not just for marketing purposes it is to enable the company to attract the right type of employees and to guide the companies actions. So often it is overlooked as being a marketing tactic, because it is misused as one.

But lets make sure we understand that it is detrimental to a company to mislead it’s employees. Those who signed up to support one mission and a specific set of values are mislead into working in an organization that lied about their values for PR purposes. Employees want to know their hard work is a driving force behind something that is in alignment with their personal values.

Now whether you are the CEO, founder or employee you are expected to take ever opportunity to act within those set of values.

The decision to ghost Potus is THAT. If a company says they support equality, diversity and etc they CANNOT simultaneously support a president who stands behind discrimination and fuels violence. That is not in alignment and Snapchat is accountable for acting in a way that supports their company values.

Now, there are talks about what will happen to snaps stocks and what “This” means. This means that Snapchat is playing an infinite game and approaches business with such a mindset.Personally I believe this will pay off as long as they continue to act according to their values. They will attract talented employees whose values are in alignment, customers who believe their mission and stand for their values and this will trickle down into their stocks.

The real questions is, How long can Facebook stay silent when it has consistently been caught acting outside its company values? I can’t imagine how sick and tired employees must feel working hard to support a purpose they didn’t sign up for. Personally I think they can expect backlash from people supporting the black lives matter protest, civil rights movements and their own employees. Will there be virtual walkouts ? How much pressure can they face before they are forced to take accountability?

This screenshot shows enough.

To this generation watching the world rebuild it’s broken parts, open your eyes and learn. Pay attention to how your leadership trickles down. Learn so you’re ready to lead effectively when its your turn.